Monday, February 14, 2011

Magic Mondays - Don't Make me Laugh

This weekend has been another superbusy weekend and this meant, no posts over the weekend. Yesterday was the annual Blue and Gold Banquet for our son's scout pack and this was our first year here. It proved to be memorable. All the boys and their families had lots of fun. The event is to celebrate Scouting Anniversary week and ours included a dinner, a talent show, awards and advancement badges for the scouts. In the talent show, our den's 2 one-minute skits got a lot of laughs (I am sure this will keep them inspired to perform again next year). The book I managed to review this book also gets a laughs...
I was glad I was able to review this book at least (and now a couple more which should have made it here will join the books for next week). This goes towards the Library and Read-to-me Picture Book Challenges.

Don't Make Me LaughDon’t make me laugh – this book just does what it asks you not to do. Makes me laugh. What will kids do when told not to do something? Do it, of course; and when it is James Stevenson using the right combination of dialog and comical animal characters doing comical antics, they laugh more. The result - you follow the rules of the book, and start all over again right at the beginning! Our favorite character was Mr.Frimdimpny and the kids started laughing every so often just so they could break the rules of this book and we start reading again.
This one is a keeper, for laughs!

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