Friday, January 14, 2011

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Oh, the Places You'll Go!My daughter does a little cheerleading she learnt at her preschool occasionally:
‘Can you do it? You can do it… Can you march? You can march…. Can you …..? You can …’
This book conveys this message wonderfully, in beautiful Seuss rhyming and simple words that the youngest readers can understand.
I found this book when I was looking to give a gift to a friend who was graduating from a Masters program. I ordered it from Amazon and when it arrived, I could not resist a peek inside before wrapping it for him.
Oh, the wonders it contained inside,
My mind learned at every page,
My face grew a smile a mile wide,
I knew this book was for every age!

The peek I first planned
Turned into something more
The gift for my friend
Just stayed in my books galore.

The book lets You know that you have everything in You – the right set of tools – to set out in the Big, Bad World. As you step out, you will see new places, need to make decisions, face hardships, have successes and failures too. You will be in Lurch, a Slump, a Waiting Place but you can keep on going ahead and YOU WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS.. and you will succeed! (98 and ¾ %)

Words of the week:
This week, I picked a couple of words which are unusual but not uncommon:
overimaginative: what is unusual about this word? You can see (no need to be overimaginative at all!) that this word has alternating vowels and consonants in its spelling..
I diddle-daddled a bit to find this word - diddle-daddled- means wasted item
For more uncommon words, you can look up 

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