Wednesday, January 19, 2011

World of Words Wednesdays

I was reading my DD’s (she is almost 5) current favorite books to her last night (and the night before and the night before… you get it) – these were random picks at the library at our last visit and proved great hits with her. We have renewed them twice already (so they have been with us over 6 weeks now) and now I have to return them soon.

These reviews also go towards my first three reviews for the Read to Me – Picture Book Reading Challenge
The books are: 

Amelia Bedelia's First Day of SchoolA popular favorite among these is Amelia Bedelia – the book from the series we are reading now is ‘Amelia Bedelia’s first day of school’. She is funny! Her excitement is contagious and her sense of humor wonderful (how awesome it would be if I developed that sense of humor at least for a day! – will make life smooth sailing for me). She appeals to the child in you and your child so perfect for reading to your child. Both my kids (my 8-year-old son and my almost 5-year-old daughter) loved her from the start and laughed at every page. Her perpetual confusion amused them and the way she understood people literally was hilarious (The teacher wants her to stay still and asks her to ‘Please glue yourself to your seat’ and Amelia Bedelia just does that). Overall, a book I recommend for all kids dreading to start school or starting a new class or just for laughs.
Little DivaThe other book I read to her was ‘Little Diva’ – perfect for my DD  - she being a little diva herself (in the real sense of being a diva as the book portrays and also a little in the way most people look at a diva – a little bratty). The beautiful, flowing illustrations appeal to all and show simplicity and sophistication together. The book shows the effort that goes into being a Broadway star (or a diva) –you need to eat healthy, exercise, practice, and work as part of a group ensure that all backstage activities progress smoothly. Nena, the D.I.T. (Diva in Training) is eager to learn and feels that all this is fun, not work! There is a positive message in this book that everyone can benefit from – love your work and work hard at what you love and it no longer a ‘bore chore’ but instead it is ‘tons of fun’. A personal favorite part of this book is where Nena’s mom gives her kisses on her forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin before she leaves her to perform for the night show on Broadway. This struck a chord with us, as this is exactly our daily routine when DD leaves for school each day and before she goes to sleep (and I had not read this book at all when we established the routine at home). The book also includes a CD with songs from the author and the story as well which we have played over and over again already.
Clever Katya: A Fairy Tale From Old RussiaThe last book (it did take three whole books last night to settle my DD down!) is ‘Clever Katya’ – a Russian fairytale (though I think it falls more in the category of a folktale). With its crisp storytelling and illustrations in rich colors portraying the characters, it is a wonderful book to read aloud.  A rich man loans his poor brother a mare and they argue over who gets the foal. When they approach the young tsar for advice, he asks them four riddles and lets them know that whoever answers them correctly will keep the foal. The poor brother asks his young but wise 7-year-old daughter for help and her answers impress the tsar. The tsar then puts her to the test one more time and when she gets the better of him, he realizes he has found his match. Here are the riddles for you to try and you can read the book for the answers! 'What is the fastest thing in the world, what is the fattest thing in the world, what is the softest thing in the world and what is the most precious?'

Words of the week:
My 8-year-old son is reading 'The Phantom Tollbooth' and this week's words are from that book:
Palatinate: A palatinate or county palatine is a territory administered by a Count palatine, originally the direct representative of a sovereign, but later the hereditary ruler of the territory subject to the crown's overlordship.
Dodecahedron: In geometry, a dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve flat faces, but usually a regular dodecahedron is meant: a Platonic solid composed of 12 regular pentagonal faces, with three meeting at each vertex. It has 20 vertices and 30 edges.
For more information on the words, you can refer to wikipedia where these definitions are taken from.

The cover of 'Clever Katya' (reviewed today) and my rendition of the same (my DD helped too!


  1. I absolutely must read "The Little Diva"! That definitely sounds like my kind of book. I think your DD will enjoy a book that I'll be reviewing soon -- "The Very Fairy Princess" by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, and will definitely enjoy the next one in the series, due out this sprint, "The Very Fairy Princess Takes the Stage" (as a ballerina).

    I have recently read "The Phantom Tollbooth" for the first time -- it was a recommendation from my writing coach. Isn't it wonderful?

    Thank you for visiting my blog, so that I, in turn, could discover your blog!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth..
    I will definitely add 'The Very Fairy Princess' to our list of to-reads..
    'The Phantom Tollbooth' is a wonderful read!


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