Monday, January 24, 2011

Magic Mondays - Reading more to my lil ones and loving it..

A super busy Fun Friday and a Stupendously busy Super Saturday zoomed by. Before I knew it, it was the end of Sunday and I wondered where the weekend had gone. Here is Monday now and I decided I at least needed to post something today. I have not been blogging but I did read every day to my little ones and here are the latest books we have read and plan to read again (as always):

Fancy NancyFancy Nancy – ‘No one knows Fancy like Nancy’
My thoughts – This book with glitter on its cover and fancy vocabulary is now in our favorites list (to read again many times over list). Nancy is a wonderful little girl who feels that fancying up everything (shoes, your pen, sandwiches, your room, the name of your doll and definitely the words you use) makes it better. Her attempts to teach her non-fancy family to be fancy is stupendously (fancy for greatly) comical. These attempts result in a not-so fancy fall and  as Nancy cuddles up in a dressing gown (fancy for bathrobe) at the end of the day, she realizes there is no better or fancy way to say ‘I love you’.
My daughter’s thoughts – I love these books because they are so stylish. Fancy Nancy talks so well too. The drawings are soooo pretty! Her favorite illustration from the book is when the whole family gets fancied up and arrive at the restaurant like rock stars!

The fancy (yup!), bright and detailed illustrations made me go ooo-la-la too! 
All in all, a must-read for the ‘Fancy Nancy’ in you and your little ‘Fancy Nancy’.

Miss RumphiusMiss Rumphius – This book is part biography (based on the story of a Maine woman who was nicknamed the Lupine Lady as she scattered lupine seeds around her hometown) and part autobiography (Barbara Cooney, the author and illustrator did travel the world and settle down by the sea).
Barbara Cooney uses eloquent language and beautiful paintings to tell a warm and inspiring story for boys and girls of all ages. As Alice sat on her grandfather’s lap in their house by the sea and listened to his stories of faraway places, she tells him she is going to travel when she grows up and live by the sea when she grows old. Her grandfather then tells her that she must also do something to make the world more beautiful. She grows up to become Miss Rumphius and sets out to do all she wanted to – travel to faraway places, live in a house by the sea, and make the world more beautiful. The book conveys the message that everyone can do their part to make the world a more beautiful place by doing something as simple as scattering seeds. The spirit of Miss Rumphius shines throughout the book and I felt inspired to do something adventurous, travel, to do my part to beautify the world after I read this book.
This review is from the wonderful collection of stories - The Book of Children's Classics.

Noisy Nora (Picture Puffins)Noisy Nora – First published in 1973 and completely re-illustrated in 1997, Rosemary Well’s sweet rhymes and bright illustrations that say volumes make the story a great read. Noisy Nora feels left out while her parents attend to her siblings and continue to ignore her even as she resorts to doing what earns this book the title – making lots of noise. Everyone misses her when all is suddenly quiet in the house! ‘Where is Nora?’ is a question on everyone’s mind for a split second.
This book appeals to all who have felt left out in situations. Reminds me of when my little one is asking me for the umpteenth time within a few minutes that she has been waiting for me for hours to ‘read a book’, or ‘watch a movie with her’ or ‘show her baby pictures’ or, the list goes on..
The book does have the word ‘dumb’ and this was something my little ones both ‘oohed’ over when I first used it and said, “mama is saying the ‘d’ word!” but at least it is used in the context of name-calling in the book.


  1. I've heard about Miss Rumphius, and I've intended to read it, and somehow never have. Now that I've read your review, I'll put it on my "must read" list. Thanks, Vidya!

    Fancy Nancy sounds like fun, too!

    *adds to list...*

  2. Thank you Elizabeth.. I have 'The Very Fairy Princess' at home now from the library and it is going to be our bedtime read tonight.


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