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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Corner of Hope and Strength

For dVerse
Reading Brian's and Claudia's poems and trying to pick one of them was like trying to pick between Thin Mints and Samoas (for those of you outside the US, these are Girl Scout Cookie flavors - the most popular ones, and my personal favorites too!). It is cookie season currently and with my little girl scout busy selling cookies,  reading the word 'mint' in both their poems brought this back to the forefront for me and this was the result!

The Corner of Hope and Strength
The little girls stood
at the corner of hope
and strength;
their sweet voices trilled
“Cookies for you?,”
as passersby passed by.

The young man in blue
Deep in the land of despair
After a luckless day
He walked by
Past the corner of hope
And strength

A little voice called after him
“Cookies for you?”

Sweet memories rushed
Trailing after big sis
seated in the red wagon -
"Why not refresh
my senses
with a piece of minty chocolate?"

A box of Thin Mints,
Refreshed hope, renewed strength,
Two happy girls saying
"have a good day"
"you too"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello, from the future..

Over at dVerse Poetics, we are writing letters from the future. This also ties in with ABC Wednesday's letter of the week - F - for the future (not so distant one, since I am the one writing this imagined letter in the future)
This Sunday's Pearls Before Swine comic was also something related - you can see that comic here.
Hello, from the future..

Dear me, today I recalled a memory -
Feeling delightful, and fearful of a future unknown
I buried this time capsule for older-me
On a day that now seems long gone.

With my faithful pen, I sit down to write
As your(my?) grand kids play outside;
For now, I let the capsule be -
Be someone else’s discovery.

Dystopian it is not
nor a green paradise
nor is it a scene from the Jetsons yet
(The trip to Mars – yes, did succeed!
A story for another day, it is)

But know that we did right
Going green and all that
Certainly made our future bright;
Food forests are the theme of the day
and we still have flowers in May,
While CDs and desktops
Are a thing of the past,
The future, well,
I am having a blast!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chaos is All Right, right?

It has been forever since I tried to write something for a prompt over at dVerse - one of the most wonderful places to find talented writers who seem to write effortlessly, words flow like magic out of their (virtual) pens and enrich our lives. I consider myself lucky to just make an effort and to be inspired by others in dVerse land!

Today, the challenge is to write in a form used by Frost in one of his most famous poems 'STOPPING BY WOODS ON A SNOWY EVENING' - this was a poem I recall reading as a child. And I also remember this fact - the words of the last stanza of this poem were found on a scrap of paper on the desk of Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru when he died - presumed to be the last words he saw.

My attempt at this form is inspired by events of two recent evenings spent with my little girl (who just turned nine) and her friends.

Chaos is All Right

Balloons – they showed up everywhere
Chairs, tables, and up in the air
So glad they did not go pop, whoosh
For sure I would have had a scare.

Trying hard, trying to shush
the zillion girls who pulled and pushed
jostling for prime spots; as for me
- wished myself safe in a barouche

The girls, there were only twenty
Seemed like more as they screamed yippee
Prime spots forgotten in delight
They had learned their steps perfectly!

‘Pop’ went the balloons! Smiles were bright
Cameras flashed their twinkling lights
As for me – everything seemed right
The place, the time, the moment  - all right!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Instant Energy Boosts

ABC Wednesday this week is exploring the letter E. E is for Energy and that is something many of us would love to have more of. Some things that help me get an instant boost of energy anytime of the day are:
1. Listening (and moving) to upbeat tunes - Any music that makes me move and groove to it is an instant energy booster.
2. Play with my kids - Anything from a walk outside with them or a quick game of hopscotch to a quick game of hide and go seek if it is an indoors kind of day brings a smile to my heart - an instant energy boost right there
3. Find a reason to LOL - yes, laugh out loud - there is a reason they say 'laughter is the best medicine' - because it is true.
4. Liquid Energy - Water and herbal teas are my to go drinks (as well as an occasional cuppa chai).
5. Power naps - Taking a short nap - even just 10-15 minutes or just closing my eyes and letting myself calm down provides me a much needed energy boost.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Not Science Fiction; Reality!

For today's post, I am using BlogHer's prompt.

Have you ever used a 3D printer or had something 3D printed? If you could use a 3D printer today, what would you make?

A 3D printer almost sounds like a genie, and even a few years ago, would have sounded like something in a science fiction novel – but it is real, and very useful too. I recently read of entire homes being built using 3D printers - you can see one article here – the time, effort, and the finances needed for these homes being lesser than regular construction processes, these printers can truly be a boon.
As for myself, I am sure I will not own a printer on this scale but if I had one to use at home, what would I use it for? For starters, I might have to pick it under lock and key, because, otherwise, like the rest of the gadgets that were supposedly bought for me on Mother's Day or my birthday, I will never actually see or use it once it makes its way to our door. Once I have it safe and secure to use, I will occasionally let the kids use it, of course. And what would I make? That is the main question to answer (I have not used one yet or had anything printed using one, by the way) - I am guessing I will use it to recreate bookish worlds if I could! Mini Narnias, or the Night Circus, or Wonderland or a set out of the LOTR, or maybe something more real - from the past, like a scene from the Gettysburg Address while my kids learn about it, or a scene from each of our favorite books - oh, the choices are endless and I am sure I will have loads of fun with it.