Monday, September 1, 2014

Yummy Tummy Tuesdays - Sandwiches, Live Music, Wonderful Ambience.. a Top Ten Place?

A Top Ten post after forever - today's theme at The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Fictional Characters who would have sat at our lunch tables and here is my list:

  1. Jo and Laurie from Little Women
  2. Katy from What Katy Did
  3. George (Georgina) – from Famous Five series
  4. Suok from the Three Fat Men
  5. Samwise Gangee from the Lord of the Rings
  6. Tris from the Divergent series
  7. Haroun from Haroun and the Sea of Stories
  8. Liesel from The Book Thief
  9. Flip from the book ‘Zeb and the Great Ruckus
  10. Liz Bennett from  Pride and Prejudice
  11. And though she is not really fictional, she would have been a welcome addition too -  Anne Frank 
 And I know there are so many more characters I can go on listing here if I include more of my favorites from adult fiction too - my picks here are mostly children/YA - and I should stop here.. 
Head on over to see more interesting picks. What are yours?  

A visit to the beaches over at Half Moon Bay today led us to downtown Half Moon Bay in search of food and we were thrilled to end up at the San Benito Deli - the food was definitely worth the long lines. My DD did not mind the wait as we spent the time waiting outside in the beautiful garden listening to the live music played on the patio out front. She made a friend while there and they spent a few shared moments playing with playdough! Coming to the food, the sandwiches were awesome (cheese,avocado and egg-salad sandwiches) and they held us through the rest of the day at the beaches. Definitely the place we will return to when we next drive to the HMB beaches. Their freshly backed walnut bread is heavenly. 
Photos coming soon and more Tuesday updates too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

World of Words Wednesday - Goal - Going the Distance to Lose Gained Pounds!

ABC Wednesday is on round 14 and has gained a whole lot of regular visitors who play along every time. I hoped to be one of them about two or three rounds ago but have been playing and off. This time, I hope to play along for the rest of the alphabet at least - small steps. 

So here it is for the letter G - 
Along with memories, this time around on my annual trip to India for the kids’ summer vacation, I also gained pounds – one for each week that I was there. I had a few friends tell me that I have gained weight this time and others tell me that I look fine. A couple of friends who mentioned this also did say that I look better now than the skinnier (who am I kidding, I have never been a skinny person!) version of me a few weeks earlier. But numbers don’t lie – and gained inches and triglycerides means losing something else – a little bit of health; now I have to put my nose to the grindstone, so to speak, and work towards losing something for a change! I hope to have achieved my goal by the end of this ABC Wednesday round 14. 

I have definitely been gaining a lot of knowledge - how much of it is useful, I don't know but I do realize it is sometimes contradictory, sometimes just overwhelming, and at others plain not-doable (at least for me). Reading a whole lot of books and articles on how to lose the gained weight, how not to gain weight, how to gain metabolism etc has provided me an arsenal of facts; now I just need to go ahead and do what I can - exercise and eat right. 

Here are a couple of books I am reading currently which did provide me with some inspiration and facts that helped to start off my journey towards my goal. Though I am not strictly following either book (Jackie provides the exact diet to follow for 3 cycles of 10 days should you choose to continue for more than 10 days and the first 10 days have a less than 1000 calories consumed per day - not for me!), I am drawing ideas from both and will share more of these as I go along.
For now,
1. Drink water
2. Get your body grooving
3. Limit sugar (that means no sweets for me - and that is still a tough one as I have sweets remaining from our India trip - a few of my favorite ones) - I am working on this one

For all the wordless Wednesday blogs I linked to (including Aquarium), here is the photo I planned to add yesterday (also added by me on my blog here)

For WondrousWordsWednesday, here are my words for this week (based on some of the words, you can guess they come from the books I was talking about earlier in the post):

  1. mosh :dance violently: to dance to rock music in a frenzied way
  2. thermogenesis: heat production in bodies: the production of heat in a person's or animal's body by physiological processes, especially metabolic processes
  3. nutrigenomics: the study of how individual genetic makeup interacts with diet, especially the effects of this interaction on a person's health.

Yummy Tummy Tuesdays - A glimpse into travel taste buds



Well, now that you have drooled over the screen (or not), these are just some of the foods we ate during our recent trip to India (the rest disappeared even before I could think of taking a photograph!).
The first seven photos are all delicacies we sampled at the famous Bhagatram on Commercial Street in Bangalore. Bhagatram opened its doors in 1948 with a menu of three items - the samosa, the gulabjamun, and the jalebi - they are still among the best selling items on the menu today. The name itself evokes images of this trio in most localites' minds. Now serving a menu of various chaats and sweets in addition to other items, Bhagatram has evolved and yet, stayed the same in some ways. The photos you see here from our Bhagatram sampler are the jalebi, rava ladoo, boondi, the samosa, kachori, dahi papdi chaat, and the gulabjamun!
The next three photos were taken at the Kamat Lokaruchi on our trip to Jaanapada Loka - a memorable trip whose details will come soon here. The akki rotti was simply wonderful and my son who loves this dish wanted to make another trip all the way to Ramanagara just to sample this. We watched the jalebi being made and that was a treat in itself.
Last, but not the least, a spoonful of delish made with love. Can you guess what this is?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

World of Words Wednesay - For the First Time in Forever.... goes the song....

Happy, Happy, Happy - These words seem to be 'frozen' all around (definitely a wonderful thing to happen!) - I keep hearing the lyrics to this and a couple other songs and I keep thinking, looks like the lil ones just cannot 'Let it Go' - these songs. And when I turn around, I see 'Happy' moves all around - as in the minions Happy being played and replayed over in so many different versions - teens from city a, b, c dancing to Happy, and the latest one is as leaving-the-seer-happy as the innumerable others before. For some reason, all of these songs, and especially Happy, do not get on my nerves as much. Just when I think I might not be able to listen to it one more time, the CD in the car is played or it is just played on the radio station we are on or someone hums the song and we are caught in the joy of the song - especially Happy. I am sure that hearing the word happy in an upbeat, catchy tune leaves listeners way happier than they were before! So, for the first time in forever, I have listened to a few songs many, many times (like forever) and each time brings back a smile on my face, just like it did the first time!

And after a long break, participating in memes once again starting with one of my favorites - ABC Wednesday. The little happy post above this as well as the photos below both go towards ABC Wednesday's letter F. These photos were taken by me at the always-awesome Lalbagh flower show held annually around August 15th (India's Independence Day) during our visit to India this summer. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Square One and All That

Back to Square One..In the case of posting on my blog this year, I am right there now - at square one. This phrase, according to The Phrase Finder, this is one of the phrases that people say they know the hows, whats, wheres, and whens of the phrases' origin, but they really don't! The origin for this phrase is attributed to BBC sports commentators, to the game of snakes and ladders, as well as to the well-loved evergreen playground game  - hopscotch.
Whatever the origin of this phrase, I find myself today back at square one - where I need to start blogging regularly. Sound familiar? I just hope NOT to land in this particular square again in the future. I tell my kids many a time, when they have had an "Oops! I am sorry moment" that it is OK to make mistakes, but just ensure that it is not the same mistake over and over again. New mistakes being made are OK (again, it is NOT OK to keep having Oops moments just because it is OK to make new mistakes!).
We just returned from our annual trip to India and are still in the jet-lag phase - especially the kids who spent the whole of last night awake (and trying their best to be quiet while I tried to sleep in the night to get over my jetlag and DH who did not travel with us just needed to sleep!). But this trip to India each summer is totally worth a week's worth of jet-lag. It is kind of like a Mastercard ad. Tickets to India - $ amounts in the four digits for each person; Jet-lag each way - about a week; packing chaos - endless; memories gained - Priceless!
Here are a few glimpses into the trip with details on a couple of the trips coming later. And today happens to be World Photo Day!
All the photos here were taken by me or mine! Photos here include glimpses of the Tungabhadra, Somnathpur temple, Harihareshwara temple, Bharachukki falls, scenes at a wedding attended, and the flower show at the beautiful Lalbagh gardens in Bangalore among others.

I just read this quote by Marcel Proust on a story:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes.” 

And this voyage  to once familiar places in India (and some new ones) definitely was one of discovery just like in the quote above - of looking at things familiar with new eyes - in the sense that we are now changed (grown-ups now to the kids we were when we first roamed the familiar streets or viewed the wonders - both man-made and natural), and also that we viewed them this time through the eyes of our kids - their view of the places made us look at them in a whole different way, and it was a total joy!